Rat Flaps, Stop Rat Packs.

Rat Flaps, Stop Rat Packs

Rat Flap Drain Blocker - Pest Control - Bentley Environmental

We have recently completed a job for a tricky rodent clearance, whereby we were required to install a rat drain blocker. It’s a one way non- return flap, which is installed into the furthest drain outlet on your site perimeter to stop rats from entering your property through the drain systems.

The rat flap idea was first thought up by a Danish company. In Denmark, local councils are required by law to fit these units as standard into all new build housing.

They are a great way of containing rodent infestations into an area where you can control them by sewer baiting. A safe and secure way of dealing with a rat population.

So why haven’t we caught on to this idea in the UK yet!?

A recent report by a large London based pest control company, has seen a dramatic increase of rodent infestations gaining access to properties via the drain systems over the last 10 years.

This has lead to a large percentage of their current work (around 70%) being solely rat flap installation. It is fast becoming a popular fix or even a requirement throughout the industry, especially in urban areas.

At Bentley Environmental we are slightly more rural based, so we haven’t had a huge demand for these units yet!
But that’s mainly because a lot of the properties we look after have their own sewage system in place, also known as cesspits. So unless rats dig into the drain pipes, the rat flaps aren’t required.

All pest technicians should carry out checks to the drain systems when carrying out a site survey for rodents. Sometimes we are called in after another company have failed to remove a rodent problem and the customer asks why we’re checking the drains…

If you’re experiencing problems with rodents or would like to just be proactive and have peace of mind that your drains are secure. Please reach out to us and book a site visit or for more information on rat drain flaps at bentley.env@gmail.com or visit our contact page

Rat Flap Stop Rats - Pest Control - Bentley Environmental

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