Treating Wasp Nests In Andover & New Wasp Facts For You

Treating Wasp Nests in Andover
& New Wasp Facts For You

Treating Wasp Nests In Andover - Bentley Environmental

Wasp Nests Are Starting To Appear in Andover, Hampshire

It has been a slow start to the wasp season this year. We haven’t received anywhere close to as many calls as we had in June last year for wasp nest treatments in Andover.

Strange weather patterns or warmer winters may be the culprit? Maybe even COVID-19 is to blame!?

When we do receive calls for wasps we actually try and advise for customers to refrain from treatment if at all possible. Especially in the early stages of its life. Only if the nests are in a non-sensitive area or if the wasps are located in an area that is isolated or undisturbed/safe.


Want Some New Facts About Wasps?

Treating Wasp Nests In Andover

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Hodgepig & Bee Personalised Gifts

Local Business Shout Out - Hodgepig & Bee

We wanted to thank Hodgepig & Bee for making us some personalised face masks for our business. They really look great with our branding on! So we have attached a link to their website where you can browse their online shop or request for items to be personalised!

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