Wasp Nest Removal in Basingstoke, A Sunny Day & Prices That Don’t Sting

Wasp Nest Removal Basingstoke

We were recently called to carry out a Wasp Nest Removal in Basingstoke.
You can see in the picture below there are about 7 wasp nests in total.
3 small starter and 4 slightly larger nests that have started to get going.

We carried out the Wasp Nest Removal with minimum fuss and no insecticide was required for these treatments! We actually froze the nests with an organic freeze treatment.

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Wasp Nest Treatment

Standard Treatment Of Nest Internally or Externally
£ 65
One Off Payment
  • Additional Nests £30.00 Per Nest (At time of treatment)
  • Our Wasp Nest Treatments Are Guaranteed
  • We're Qualified & Fully Insured
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We can take payments upfront or after treatments. We can also send payment links so payments can be made by card when the customer is not on site.

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Bee Or Wasp - Pest Control - Bentley Environmental

Sometimes we’re called out to deal with a Wasp Nest. However once we arrive we find it’s not Wasps at all, but Honeybee’s or Bumblebee’s.
Bentley Environmental Pest Control

So if you are unsure of the species, use the image above to try and identify what you think you may have.
This way you can arrange the right service provider for your needs. We have listed some alternative services below.

Did You Know Bumblee nests can often be relocated if they are found to be in an accessible location. Visit The Bumblebee Conservation Trust for more details.

Honey Bees swarms can also often be collected by a local Bee Keeper who will remove them to one of their own hives! Visit The British Bee Keepers Association for more information.

If you find you have Honeybees within a wall cavity or a chimney of your property, you will likely need a colony removal service. You can visit UK Bee Removal to find a service provider local to you who should be able to help.

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