Pesky Squirrels

Prevent Squirrels damaging your home or business

We have spent the morning installing some wire meshing around open eaves on a customers property where they have suffered in the past with squirrels nesting in the loft spaces.

This is due to there not being any soffit or fascia boards protecting the eaves, which we find is more common on older buildings.

Not to mention that grey squirrel populations are extremely high, so we are getting more jobs for proofing work and population control all over Hampshire.

It’s important to prevent entry to squirrels and other rodents, as once established within a loft, it can be tricky and costly to get them out again.

Need further info on squirrels or need want to book a visit from an expert?

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prevent squirrels causing damageSquirrel mesh proofing

Median Wasps

Median Wasps hiding in the hedges

Did you know that Median Wasps like to build their nests in shrubs and trees. They are a European wasp that arrived in the UK back in the 1980’s and are slowly spreading across the country from the south up.

We’re finding we attend more jobs for these species of wasp each year.

They tend to be more aggressive than our own native yellow jacket wasp, they’re also slightly larger and have more black than yellow on them.

Getting hot treating wasps

Getting hot treating wasps!

The wasps haven’t been bothered by this heat wave we have in the south of England.

It is a tad unpleasant for us pest controllers when we’re in full gear for a wasp nest treatment though! But I’d rather be safe than stung!

We’re also happy to be busy and seeing new and old customers each day. Driving around the country lanes through Hampshire and Wiltshire in the summertime isn’t too much of a burden either!

wasp nest treatment by Bentley Environmental

Here’s another picture taken from a wasp nest treatment at one of our happy customers today.

The wasp nests are growing in size quickly and we have definitely seen a rise in activity this year compared to the last few years.

If we can be of any help with a wasp nest problem, then please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

Start of Wasp Nests

We’re starting to receive more call outs for wasp sightings and the start of wasp nest building. They’re quite small at the moment and don’t really pose a threat. But in around 4-6 weeks time this little nest we removed from a customers shed would have been roughly the size of a grapefruit. Had it been left longer this nest could potentially develop up to a beach ball size by the end of summer. Sometimes even larger!
Keep an eye out around your property for signs of wasps over the next few months, as the nests start to increase in size, activity around the nest area will increase, making wasps nests easier to spot.


Rodent Droppings

Seen anything similar to these within your loft space?

Well these are rat droppings, about 8mm in size. Mouse droppings look similar but are smaller and are about the size of a grain of rice. If you think you may have some pest sized intruders within your loft and want them gone, then get in touch with us via our contact page.