Pesky Squirrels

We have spent the morning installing some wire meshing around open eaves on a customers property. They have suffered in the past with squirrels nesting in the loft spaces. This is due to there not being any soffit or fascia boards protecting the eaves, which we find is more common on older buildings.

Not to mention that grey squirrel populations are extremely high, so we are getting more jobs for proofing work and population control all over Hampshire.

It’s important to prevent entry to squirrels and other rodents, as once established within a loft, it can be tricky and costly to get them out again.

Squirrel mesh proofing on roof eavesSquirrel mesh proofing to roof eaves

Median Wasps

Did you know that Median Wasps like to build their nests in shrubs and trees. They are a European wasp that arrived in the UK back in the 1980’s and are slowly spreading across the country from the south up.

We’re finding we attend more jobs for these species of wasp each year.