Wasp Nest Season

It’s probably our favourite time of the year! Wasp nest season. We are starting to get busy with several treatments everyday now for wasps. Keep a sharp eye out around your property, as chances are you may have a wasps nest that’s been building itself slowly and it’s only now the warm weather is here you suddenly notice them.

At the moment numbers within the nest should only be in the hundreds, but towards the end of the summer you can end up with thousands if the conditions are right for the wasps!
Here’s a wasp nest we treated the other day that was built under the corrugated sheets of a stable unit. When we can see the nest, we can use a knockdown insecticide which kills the nest instantly. 

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Wasp Nest Treatment


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Queen Wasps

It’s the time of year where queen wasps are emerging from hibernation and starting to look for suitable nesting sites. You can tell queen wasps apart from the workers due to them being bigger in size and having slightly different markings. From the picture below you can see the spots on the back of the queens abdomen, worker wasps don’t tend to have such prominent spots on them. 

We have had quite a few calls now to attend and deal with emerging queens. Sightings are high and customers and friends keep telling us how many wasps they keep spotting at the moment.

I think this year is going to be a very busy year for wasp nest treatments. 

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Keeping the pesky pigeons off the crops. 

With Spring drillings going in and rape seed oil trying to grow, the pigeons can do some real damage to fields with crops being put in. You can never completely keep pigeons off of crops all the time, you can only try and scare them or dispatch them with a shotgun to help alleviate the population. You have to know what you’re doing and have a good understanding of Woodpigeons to cull a large amount of them. My best day so far this year has been 170 pigeons, I’ve seen bags of up to 300 pigeons of friends who have been out for a day! Needless to say the farmer was very happy with the 170, but there is still thousands of pigeons flocking onto fields. It’s an all year round job shooting pigeons, but some months and seasons of the year are always better than others.

The other benefit for me from shooting pigeons is I can supply falconers with steel shot pigeons. I made the jump from lead shot cartridges to steel shot (non-toxic) a few months ago and find them just as effective to shoot with. 

Woodpigeon shooting in Hampshire

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Popped to the golf course for a round… of mole catching 

Back on the golf course at Petersfield. The moles were really active all of last year and so far have remained the same into 2016.

It’s essential to keep the golf course clear of mole activity, not only do mole hills look unsightly, but the excavated earth can cause damage to the green staff’s machinery. The moles here definitely like to keep me busy! 


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Thank you for sorting our wasp problem very helpful, fast and tidy. Very reasonable. A* Thanks
~ 1BR, Petersfield Trading Estate

What a fantastic service, very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Highly recommended, nothing was too much. Thank you ~ Mr D Gearey

Fantastic business. Work was to an excellent standard and I would not hesitate to recommend. I will certainly be using again in future. Really professional and friendly service ~ Mr T Binfield

Great service, dealt with my issue quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend Bentley Environmental ~ Mr O Neal

The lawn is looking healthy again and no more signs of moles! I would definitely recommend Bentley Environmental.
~ Mrs M Alewood

Such a great service. Attended a couple of hours after phone call, dealt with the issue and great value for money. Couldn't ask for more. Definitely recommend.
~ Kate Richards