Pest inspection - Rat & Mice Control

Bentley Evironmental pest control services will control or prevent unwanted pests in your home or from getting in the way of you doing business, if you’re a commercial customer.

We can provide both contract and non-contract pest control services to domestic or commercial customers and we can also offer flexible payment options to help spread the cost.
We deal with pest problems in a proactive way to minimise problems from returning.

For customers under a service agreement with us we provide a thorough initial survey, then control and monitor the situation regularly to prevent infestations from taking hold. This is vital because not only can pests cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your property, from a business prospective they could also destroy your reputation and in some cases result in your business being closed by Environmental Health.

As soon as we spot the smallest evidence of pests, we act quickly and effectively to eradicate or stop the problem.

For innovative pest control using the latest technologies in pest eradication and prevention contact Bentley Environmental.

What we offer in our services

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Bentley Environmental Wasp

Wasps & Hornets

If you're suffering with wasps or think you may have a wasps or hornets nest, then lets book a visit & get them dealt with quickly, safely & effectively.

Rat & Mice Pest Control - Bentley Environmental

Rats & Mice

Hearing noises in the walls & ceilings? Funny smells? Or maybe you've seen a rat or mouse in or around your property? We can help control & prevent rodents.

Treat Cluster Flies- Bentley Environmental Pest Control

Cluster Flies

On warm sunny days, you may find lots of flies gathering around windows. Chances are these are Cluster Flies, we can help eradicate these nuisance pests.

Ant Control - Pest Control - Bentley Environmental - Winchester & Andover


Ants can invade our homes & businesses rapidly, usually during the spring and summer months. We have the latest professional use insecticides and methods to tackle these crafty pests.

garden mole


Mounds of soil suddenly appearing on the lawn can often mean a Mole has made its way into your garden. We also deal with these pests on golf courses and in livestock paddocks

carpet & clothes moth - Bentley Environmental - Pest Control


Missing patches of carpet? Or maybe your favourite woollen jumper has now got holes in? May well be moth damage. We can tackle these tricky textile pests for you!

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