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To find out about our treatment costs and for further information, please select a pest that you’re having a problem with.












Cluster Flies






What we offer in our services

  • Regular pest prevention inspections for domestic and commercial properties
  • One off clearance work (e.g. moles, wasps, ants, rodents etc)
  • Free estimates
  • Detailed inspection reports for each visit
  • Tailored risk assessments and method statements
  • Site bait point maps
  • Documentation folder with MSDS and certificates (required for auditors/Environmental Health Officer)

 Call us direct on 07869 131 875 or contact our office on 01962 277 020
Or fill in a contact form on our contacts page and we’ll contact you.


To ensure we give you the best prices and advice on our pest control services please contact us so we can get as much information as possible. Prices can vary depending on the severity of a pest infestation and the location of an infestation. 


Additional Pest Control Services


Rabbit Control
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For professional and effective rabbit control Bentley Environmental has various methods to help prevent and cease rabbit damage to gardens, paddocks, golf courses and plant nurseries.
To discuss your rabbit control needs in more detail please contact us. 


Pigeon & Bird Control

pigeon hunter - CopyFrom feral pigeons in built up areas to wood pigeons that damage agricultural crops, Bentley environmental can help alleviate pigeon populations. Bird spiking can be supplied and installed as well as pigeon guano removal and disinfectant treatments to accessible areas. Pigeon culls are always carried out with professional equipment.

Any work required for pigeon and bird work from us will require a quotation.