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Have you suddenly noticed you have an Ant infestation in your home or business?

Bentley Environmental can provide professional, reliable and effective treatments to rid your premisses of Ant colonies. We use the latest Ant colony busting gel baits and residual insecticides, which are professional use only products.

Our technician will carry out a site survey to identify the species of Ant you are suffering with and locate any entry points or nests, we will then carry out the necessary treatments.

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Frequently asked questions

“Why do I have Ants?”
If you leave food out that’s sweet or particularly smelly, the Ants can track down and locate the food source within several meters. They can gain access into buildings under doors or through cracks and crevices.
Ants in general are foragers by nature, worker ants will scavenge for food many meters away from their nest, often in troops. Once a potential food source is located workers are quick to notify other ants by leaving a scent or pheromone trail. Other ants will promptly arrive to take the food back to the colony.

“How many Ants are there likely to be?”
Each colony (if conditions are good) can hold up to half a million ants – they can all get up and go very quickly if the colony is threatened.

“How long do Ants live for?”
Worker ants can live for up to seven years – while a queen can live for up to 15 years.

“What about flying Ants & do Ant’s swarm?”
Ants swarm once every year often in August – the young queens fly away and set up their own, new colonies. If you’ve heard people talking about flying ants, this is the swarm they are referring to.

“What type of Ants do I have?”
We will have to carry out a survey to identify the Ants you are suffering with.
There are thousands of ant species worldwide, but in the UK where our climate is cooler, the Black Ant or Garden Ant is the most resilient species to live outdoors in nutrient-rich, moist environments.
Tropical ant species such as Ghost and Pharaoh’s Ants only survive with the warmth provided inside heated buildings in the UK.

“Are Ants harmful?”
Ants can bite, yes. The species we have in the UK aren’t particulary threatening or dangerous to people. You may feel a small pinch and a small red mark will usually appear after a bite.

“How long does it take to get rid of Ants?”
A treatment will usually take anywhere between 3 and 7 days to completley control an Ant colony. We can reduce numbers drastically with spray treatments and when the nest is visible. Professional use gel baits is also a very efficient method to remove a colony of Ants as it stops nest production and eliminates the colony from the inside out.

Pest Ant

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