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Have you seen Moths?

If you're repeatedly seeing small brownish or light grey moths around the house, then you may well have a moth infestation.

Damage to Carpets

Have you spotted damage to carpets, rugs or other home furnishings. Check underneath beds, static furniture and skirting boards where moth larvae can hide and cause damage.

Damage to Clothes

Moths will lay eggs into your clothes (natural fibres only) usually in the areas where soiling is heaviest. The larvae, once hatched will eat through the clothes fibres.

Let's Talk About Moth Control

We offer professional treatments for carpet or clothes moths.

Moth presence within the home can be frustrating. They can cause damage to clothes and fabrics such as carpets, curtains and upholstery, which can become very costly.

It’s often an unknown fact that it’s actually the moth larvae that do the damage to your clothing and carpets, not actually the moths themselves. So if you’re seeing moths around the house frequently, the chances are there may well be be a moth infestation established already.

The moths will lay there eggs in carpet fibers that are in dark or poorly lit areas of a room. So under furniture or along skirting boards away from natural light.

Textile moths will lay there eggs on clothes or within cupboards and drawers, common places to find damage by the larvae are along the arms and under the armpits.

  • Moth control - Bentley Environmental - Pest Control
  • carpet damage - Bentley environmental - pest control
  • Carpet Moth Damage - Bentley environmental - pest control
  • Moth Control Winchester & Andover - Bentley Environmental Pest Control
  • Carpet moth damage - pest control - Bentley environmental

How We Carry Out Moth Control

We have two main approaches to moth treatments. We carry out light residual insecticidal treatments to carpets, curtains and other natural material furnishings. This does not include bedding of any kind, or things like throws or cushion covers. We also place pheromone traps within treatment areas, this helps to break down the moths mating cycle, which reduces the moth population.

We can also use organic based insecticides in more sensitive areas.

To help in controlling moth populations yourself, it is important to carry out regular cleaning regimes by hoovering drawers, cupboards and every inch of carpets will help to reduce moth infestations by removing the eggs, which helps to disrupt the moth cycles
If we carry out a moth treatment in your home we also carry out a simple treatment to the hoover as well, this further reduces the risk of spreading the moth eggs from room to room.

Always check loft area for evidence of any old carpets or rugs that have been stored away, as this is often a prime suspect as a source for moth larvae to target. If you happen to find any that hasn’t been sealed for storage, then we would advice throwing it away.

It is rarely possible to totally proof a building to prevent the moths from gaining entry. Sealing window frames, sky lights etc. will help along with any other potential entry exit points.

How Much Does Moth Control Cost?

Moth treatment prices will vary depending on the amount of rooms requiring treatment and how much furniture needs to be moved.
A survey and quote will need to be carried out for us to offer an accurate cost, but on average a single room requiring treatment costs between £40.00 and £65.00
Again this is highlighted in the amount of time required in each room. An empty house will work out at a lower rate than a fully furnished house.

We Accept Card Payments

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Where We Offer Our Moth Control Services

Our service area is mostly Hampshire based, however we aren’t restricted so can also offer cover to parts of Wiltshire & Berkshire. Calls are usually responded to within 24 hours, but if we are particularly busy then it may take us a little longer.

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