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Mouse Control

Our Mice control programmes consist of a thorough site survey, then a treatment using the latest mouse traps, professional use only rodenticides, activity cameras and our experience and knowledge of locating and sealing points of ingress by mice to properties to prevent re-infestations from occurring.

Rat & Mice Pest Control - Bentley Environmental

Rat Control

Rat control measures include a thorough site survey to locate the point(s) of entry. Our treatments are a combination of using the latest traps, professional use only rodenticides, activity cameras and our experience and knowledge of carrying out proofing works to prevent re-infestation.

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We strive to be as enviornmentally friendly as possible

At Bentley Environmental we care about our impact on the environment. We adhere to the rules and best professional practices set by governing bodies within our industry. This helps us keep up to date on how to eliminate any negative actions or risks to the environment and any non target species.

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Rat & mice control is essential, they can set up residence within your property anytime of the year, so keeping them under control or out of your property is key.

Once they’ve established themselves within a property they can cause significant damage through chewing and gnawing on structures and electrical wiring. Which in some extreme cases has caused house fires. They also carry parasites and diseases such as weils disease and E.coli.

It’s important to deal with a rodent infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why using a qualified professional pest controller who carries all the necessary equipment and is trained in the correct methods or professional use traps and
 rodenticides is key.
With our experience and understanding of rodent behaviour and habits, we can help eliminate infestations and prevent them from reoccurring. 

How To Identify If You Need Rodent Control

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How quick can you get rid of them?

Treatment times vary due to a lot of factors, but we aim towards pest free conditions within 3 weeks. 

What about my pets?

Traps or baits are placed in discreet and safe locations in locked monitoring stations, secure and away from pets and children.  

Can you catch and release rodents?

We do not offer a catch and release service. It is also illegal by UK law to release some species of rodent once they have been caught in a live catch trap. 

Will they come back again?

Once a treatment has been completed, any proofing requirements to stop re-infestation are carried out (at additional cost) or pointed out to the customer. 

What happens to trapped or treated rodents?

Rodents that are caught are removed from site. If rodenticide is required, we locate and remove as many as we can during and after treatment.  

Do I need to be there?

Preferably the customer is present, at least for the initial visit or to grant access. Jobs that are external only, we can carry out with the customer not present.  

Where Do We Cover?

Our service area is mostly Hampshire based, but we aren’t restricted, so can also offer cover in parts of Wiltshire & Berkshire. 

Calls are usually responded to within 24 hours, but if we’re particularly busy then sometimes it may take us a little longer.

Our Latest Customer Reviews

Highly recommend Bentley Environmental. George kept us really well informed throughout the process and successfully dealt with our issue. Thanks again!
Bentley Environmental Review - Pest Control Winchester & Andover
Mrs S Fletcher
Chandlers Ford
Super swift in resolving our rodent problem in an effective and professional manner. George knows his stuff. Would recommend.
Bentley Environmental Review - Pest Control Winchester & Andover
Mr S Parfey

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