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Regular service inspections starting from as little as £20.00 per month

We offer domestic, commercial and agricultural rodent control and prevention services. Due to the high increase in rodent populations and activity, it is essential to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to rats and mice. We can offer regular scheduled visits to ensure you have prevention and control in place all year round.


Benefits of regular inspections

⊗  Consistent protection from invasive pests

 Effective, humane & environmentally friendly solutions

⊗  Cost effective pest control – No large upfront payments

 Eliminate any risk to public health

  Report service for your records – requirement for EHO audits

 Peace of mind – BPCA/RSPH qualified technician always at the end of the phone



Rodent control and clearances starting from £120.00

We also offer one off clearance programs, which requires a site assessment before we carry out any work. We are fully qualified and trained to handle current rodenticides available on the professional market and keep up to date with all legislation’s.



Rats and mice can set up residence within your property anytime of the year, so keeping them under control is essential. Once they’ve established themselves within a property they can cause significant damage through chewing and gnawing on structures and electrical wiring. Which in some extreme cases has caused house fires. They also carry parasites and diseases such as weils disease and E.coli. It’s important to deal with a rodent infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why using a qualified professional pest controller who carries all the necessary equipment and rodenticide is key. We only use professional rodenticides if all other methods of resolving a rodent infestation have been considered or tried and found to be ineffective.


How to identify if you have a rodent infestation

  • Noises – scurrying across ceilings and in walls, scratching, squeaking
  • Damage – chewing and gnawing damage, tunneling and excavating, electrical cables
  • Droppings – mice have dark brown or black in colour, similar to a grain of rice in form and size/rats have dark brown or black in colour, blunt spindle shaped 1.5 – 2cm in length
  • Visual – regular sightings of rodents in and around your property


Rat Pest Control


Frequently asked questions

“How do you treat a rat or mouse infestation?”
Really there are three essential methods of controlling a rodent infestation. The majority of our treatments require us to use the latest professional rodenticides available, or we trap and kill the rodents using humane quick kill traps. We can use both these methods internally and externally, but due to new legislation we are restricted to using rodenticides on immediate perimeters of buildings only.
The third method is proofing against rodent ingress, gaps around pipework and drains leading into a property are very common issues. Along with brickwork defects and climbing plants leading up walls to the roof eaves.


“How long does a treatment take?”
A rodent clearance will usually take between three and four weeks before control is gained. With heavier infestations or more complicated situations, treatment can take slightly longer.


“How much will a rodent treatment cost me?”
Our starting price is £120.00 for a standard mouse clearance or £150.00 for a rat clearance. We always carry out a survey before a treatment to ensure we identify the pest and so we can confirm the best course of treatment. Heavier infestations that require more visits from a technician than usual or higher quantities of rodenticides can increase the price. We always keep in contact with the customer throughout a treatment and would confirm any additional charges should they need to be applied.
If a rodent trapping programme is required this will be substantially more costly as we are required to check the traps more frequently.

“What areas do you cover?”
For rodent treatments, we cover Andover, Alton, Alresford, Basingstoke and Winchester. This includes any surrounding villages in these areas.


“What Happens to rodents when they die?”
After a rodent has ingested a sufficient amount of poison they tend to die in their burrows or at the nearest place of harbourage. This is usually within the area of treatment, internally or externally. We carry out our best efforts to find all rodent carcasses and remove them from site.
If we are carrying out an alternative form of control, trapping, then we will remove the bodies from the traps as we catch the rodents.


“Won’t the rodents just leave on there own accord?”
No. Rodents are great at finding suitable nesting locations, especially in the the winter months when its cold and wet. Outbuildings, sheds, houses and especially loft spaces make ideal warm harbourage spots for rodents.
With the many diseases rats carry, it is not acceptable to allow rodents to multiply. Which they will do very rapidly


“Are rodenticides safe to use around children and pets?”
Yes, when used by a trained professional. When carrying out treatments we always ensure that rodenticides are kept well away from children and pets as best as possible, in locked tamper resistant bait stations in discreet or non-accessible areas. After a rodent clearance has been completed we remove all rodenticides from the site.


Rat Pest Control


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