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The services we offer for dealing with Grey Squirrels are secure discreet trapping with Spring traps and CO2 Traps.
We also carry out shooting programmes for grey squirrels in rural areas, in woodlands for example.
When carrying out trapping we tend to use live feed remote cameras to help us monitor the traps in remote areas.

For further information on squirrels you can follow these links below.

Department of Agriculture & Rural Affairs – Grey Squirrels

Woodland Trust – Grey Squirrels

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Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrels

How quick can you get rid of them?

Treatment times vary due to a lot of factors, but we aim towards pest free conditions within two weeks. 

What about my pets?

If trapping is required they are placed in discreet and safe locations in secure trapping cages/stations, or in loft areas away from pets and children. 

Can you catch and release Squirrels?

We do not offer a catch and release service for Squirrels. It is also illegal by UK law to release grey squirrels once they have been caught in live catch traps.

Will they come back again?

Once a treatment has been completed, any proofing requirements to stop re-infestation are carried out (at additional cost) to prevent re-infestations. Of course there is no guarantee to keep squirrels out forever.

What happens to trapped or treated Squirrels?

Any Squirrels that have been dispatched within the traps are removed from site upon inspection visits.
Follow up visits for squirrel trapping must be carried out once every 24 hours.  

Is it really necessary to remove the Squirrels?

Squirrels if left unchecked can cause damage to soffits and fascias, internally they can chew electrical cables, pipework and timber beams.
They also cause quite a lot of damage within the UK eco system, stripping trees of bark and raiding songbird nests for eggs and chicks.

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4 Signs Of Squirrel Activity In Your Home or Business

Squirrel Bark Stripping - Bentley Environmental Pest Control

How Much Does A Squirrel Control Programme Cost?

Due to the nature of trapping Squirrels, the number of site visits and materials can’t be estimated until a site survey has been carried out.
This applies to both domestic and commercial customers.

We Accept Card Payments, Cash & Bank Transfer

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Where Do We Offer Squirrel Control?

Our service area is mostly Hampshire based, but we aren’t restricted, so can also offer cover in parts of Wiltshire & Berkshire. 

Calls are usually responded to within 24 hours, but if we’re particularly busy then sometimes it may take us a little longer.

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