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Wasp Nest Treatments Starting From £55.00

Our fee for wasp nest treatments is fixed. If you have more than one wasp nest on site we can treat them for you as well. We charge £20.00 for each additional wasp nest treated on the same day.

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Hornets Nest Treatments Starting from £60.00

The European Hornets are slightly larger in size and their nests are also larger than wasps in the UK. If you're not sure if you have wasps or hornets we can identify them when we arrive on site.

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How To Identify If You Have A Wasp Nest

  • Wasps and Hornets can construct their nests internally or externally, also within hedges or in the ground. if you can see them entering and exiting from a specific place. For example, a hole or crack in the wall, under roof tiles or around soffit and fascias, then that will probably be a nest site.
  • Often you will hear faint scratching or a light tapping noise within ceilings or walls. This is the sound wasps and hornets make when they are constructing their nests.
  • In the height of the wasp season you will notice a lot of activity around a specific area, if you look closely you should be able to see where the wasps or hornets are entering, under roof tiles, gutters or air bricks are common locations for wasp nests.

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What if I have more than one nest?

We charge £20.00 for each additional wasp nest located and treated on the same day as the initial call out.

Can I just treat a nest myself?

Sure! But we wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing & have protective equipment. 

How do you treat a nest?

We either use a powder applied through pressurised equipment or we can use a quick knock down liquid/aerosol treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatments can vary depending on several factors, but on average a treatment will usually take between 15 – 30 minuets. 

What if a treatment fails?

If on the rare occasion a treatment hasn’t been effective, then we return free of charge to carry out a second treatment.  

Do I need to be there?

No, if we can carry out the treatment from the outside. Yes, if we will need access to a loft area for example. 

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Where Do We Cover?

Our service area is mostly Hampshire based, but we aren’t restricted, so can also offer cover in parts of Wiltshire & Berkshire. 

Calls are usually responded to within 24 hours, but if we’re particularly busy then sometimes it may take us a little longer.

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  • Wasp Control Alresford
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  • Wasp Control Basingstoke
  • Wasp Control Stockbridge
  • Wasp Control Winchester

Our Customer Reviews

Speedy, efficient, effective, good value. Gave a very speedy response to my call out to treat a wasp nest around my upstairs window. George arrived at the arranged time, made a thorough investigation of the house, and located another nest that I was not aware of. He treated both very effectively and we are now all clear of wasps. Phew! Helpful and informative throughout the visit. Highly recommended.
Mr A Glenister
Excellent service provided very promptly. Extremely thorough and efficient. I would not hesitate to use their services again should the need arise.
Mr P Riley

Wasp Form

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If you know whether the nest is inside or outside. For example in the loft of your property or outside in the garden or on the outside of a building.
Bumble Bee's on Lavender

We Do Not Treat Honey Bees Or Bumble Bees

No treatments for Honey Bees or Bumble Bees will be available from Bentley Environmental. Quite simply without Bees, we wouldn't be here! The vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination by Bees and other pollinating insects.

Did You Know Bumblee nests can often be relocated if they are found to be in an accessible location. Visit The Bumblebee Conservation Trust for more details.

Honey Bees swarms can also often be collected by a local Bee Keeper who will remove them to one of their own hives! Visit The British Bee Keepers Association for more information.

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